Algonquin Visitor Centre
Algonquin Visitor Centre

Algonquin Park Visitor Centre  
In 1946, a tent was erected at Cache Lake as Algonquin Park's first museum. Seven years later the Park Museum was open at Found Lake (km 20) replacing the interpretive centre at Cache Lake. From 1953 to 1993, Park visitors could learn about the natural and human history of Algonquin through exhibits and presentations at this facility. One of the newest facilities in Algonquin Park is the Algonquin Visitor Centre (located 43 kilometres from the Park's West Gate) opened in 1993. This new Visitor Centre was built to celebrate the first one hundred years of Algonquin Park, and the centennial of the Provincial Park system in Ontario.

To most people who have been to Algonquin, the Visitor Centre is a world class interpretive facility, depicting Algonquin's natural and human history through a series of exhibits, dioramas, and video presentation. But out of the public's view is the lower level of the Visitor Centre, housing administrative offices, plus a research area utilized by Algonquin's naturalist staff and visiting researchers. This research area allows interested researchers to have access to a library which contains over 7,000 articles detailing the flora, fauna and human history of Algonquin, plus assorted books, audio and video documents. There is also a herbarium (pressed plant library) which contains over 5,700 plant specimens representing over a 1000 species found in Algonquin Park, plus about 12,000 insect specimens, and many mammals, birds, lichens, mosses, and rocks, all characteristic of Algonquin Park.

While this collection enhances a researcher's understandings of Algonquin, plus its primary goal is to support the Park's educational and interpretive program so Park visitors may better appreciate Algonquin Park's natural and human history.

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