Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit (AFAU)
Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit (AFAU)

Established in 1975 by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit (AFAU) is one of 12 units province-wide that is dedicated to collection of biological and chemical information about lakes and fish communities in order to enhance fisheries management.

The AFAU, located at the Park's East Gate, studies 13 lakes which are representative of certain fish communities and lakes across the province. The biological information collected from these lakes can then be applied to other similar waters, allowing Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) biologiststo develop fish management strategies in areas such as fishing regulations and fish stocking.

The Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit studies primarily Brook Trout and Lake Trout within the Park's boundaries, through angler surveys, long-term mark and recapture efforts, and various seasonal netting efforts. Over the years, the AFAU has helped to implement a range of management actions, based upon scientific studies conducted in Algonquin's waters.

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